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Slidr: where luxury shopping meets gamification
September 2015
Slidr: where luxury shopping meets gamification
The brainchild of Lebanese entrepreneurs Marwan Salem and Fouad Assaf, Slidr is a ground-breaking platform that combines ecommerce with gamification. Due to launch in the UK this autumn, the website will offer users the chance to buy aspirational products and experiences – such as designer handbags, high-end holidays and the latest smartphones – at reduced prices thanks to a unique crowd-discounting model.
Salem explains: “Users pay £1 to reveal the price and have 15 seconds to make their purchase decisions, knowing beforehand that the price will always be lower than the high street price and that they can purchase their item on the spot if they like its revealed price. If they decide not to buy it, other users will slide, bringing prices even lower while you will retain the right to slide again later on, for a potential better deal.”
Slidr will generate income from both wholesale discounts and user payments. Prices will be determined by a proprietary algorithm that dynamically analyzes consumer behaviour patterns. Initial funding for the project came from business angels but Marwan says the next round of fund-raising will
tap into Circular 331 funds.
“Circular 331 has made a huge difference to the tech sector in Lebanon,” he adds. “It has really put Lebanon on the map, not just in terms of funding but also by creating an advanced local ecosystem.” Slidr is one of 45 companies participating in the UK Lebanon Tech Hub’s first accelerator programme.