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Online shopping with best discounts
At Slidr, we use our unique retail algorithm and crowd-subsidization model to guarantee you a great price and experience on every slide.


Slidr spent over two years developing our proprietary in-house algorithm, to work in conjunction with our crowd-subsidization business model. This means, using our unique slide-to-reveal pricing mechanism, we can guarantee that our prices are always lower than retail - and you save, without compromise, every single time.
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First of all, take 30 seconds to register on the platform. This will give you access to incredible prices, reserved for Slidr users. We’ve got you covered with 15 free credits just for signing up, and you can also purchase credits from the "Top up your credits" page. Now you’re ready to explore.
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Browse through Slidr’s selection of innovative and exciting products to find that one thing that will make your day. From the latest in gaming systems and brand new releases across the tech category, to lifestyle products ranging from connected home appliances, and the top offerings from interior and accessory designers, Slidr is committed to selecting only the best in market, industry leading products for your enjoyment.
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Every time a user slides on an item, the credits they use reduce the item price. This is crowd-subsidization. Our retail algorithm ensures that the price is reduced by a different amount every single time - even though the same amount of credits are used. This introduces an element of excitement to shopping with Slidr - while you always know that you will save, the amount will change on every slide.

Slide using your credits to reduce and reveal the unique price of your chosen product. You now have 15 seconds to decide whether to purchase the product at your unique price.

Buy Now, or you can wait for more people to slide and reduce the price even further. Careful, though, as the product might be sold out!

Once you’ve decided to nab the product, you get 10 minutes to finalize your check out. After the item is sold, the next in stock returns to its original retail price until the item is sold out.
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You just bought something on Slidr, which means not only do you have great taste, but a winner's eye too. Congratulations, and come back soon..


SLIDR spent two years in research and development, creating a unique proprietary algorithm that powers the SLIDR shopping experience. The purpose of the algorithm is to make shopping for savings and deals more satisfying. The algorithm uses data mining, and analyses patterns in customer purchase behaviour, along with more than 15 other factors, to identify the best discount per slide, for each unique customer. All of this is done in real time, while continuing user behaviour simply adds to the effectiveness of the algorithm in creating a better shopping experience for everyone.
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At Slidr, you use credits to slide your way into incredible purchases. Slidr credits are either purchased or received as a gift from the Slidr team. The first few times you slide, you’ll find the credits are on us, with 15 free credits on registration.

The way it works is simple - each time you slide, credits are debited from your account, and you can keep sliding until they run out. At that point, you can either purchase new credits, or complete the following to receive loyalty credits from the team:

  • 10 credits for referrals (after the referred person registers)
  • 10 credits for social media share after purchase
Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have at