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How does Slidr work?
It’s quite simple. Browse through our hand-picked selection of luxury items and aspirational experiences. You can see them all by selecting the “All” under “categories”

Each item has a starting price, which is the same as the retail price that is always visible. Then there’s your unique price, hidden under the 'slidr'. 

To see your unique Slidr price, you need to swipe the slidr to the right to open it. We refer to this as ‘sliding’. You can use your free credits to slide or buy a bundle of credits here.

But not all slides are created equal. Every item displayed has a defined credit price per slide. This means that different items require a different number of credits to slide. The cost of credits per slide is clearly listed directly below each item slidr. 

credits per slide

When you slide and the current Slidr price is revealed, you have 15 seconds to decide whether or not to purchase the item. If the current price doesn't suit you, you can always come back later to check for a better price, but remember each new slide spends your credits.

To get a feel for how Slidr works, check out ”Take a tour” tutorial.

How does the price of an item drop?
Well that’s simple. Every time you or another user slides to reveal the price of an item, the current price decreases. The not so simple part is that you never know by exactly how much. 

Our proactive proprietary algorithm, designed to take consumer satisfaction into account, decides on the decrease in price that will be applied to an item on every slide. This means that you will not see the same drop in price every time you slide. Sometimes you might see a tiny drop and another time you might see a big drop. 

Our algorithm is designed to take more than 30 parameters into account to decide on the price drop at any given moment. This means it’s also quite impossible to cheat the system and calculate when the price you would like to see will appear. So sit back, enjoy the slides, and get your aspirational item when the price is right for you.

Remember, thousands of users slide to check the prices regularly and discounts get bigger and bigger as time passes. So try to purchase the item you covet at the ultimate price you want to pay, without being too greedy, where someone else might buy it before you.

What happens when an item is bought? Are there more?
The price of each item on display will keep on decreasing as users slide to reveal the price, until you or another user decides to buy it. Once the item in question is purchased, the sale is closed and the product is sold to that user.

If we have the same item in stock, it might show up again but at the initial retail market price. The cycle of price drop starts again as users slide to reveal the price, someone or hopefully yourself buys it this time.
What if I don’t buy an item I slid to reveal? Can I see the same price again?
When you slide, you have 15 seconds to make your purchase decision and the price is unique to you. You will need to slide again to be able to buy the item and the price will certainly differ
Remember, when you slide to check the price again, it will not necessarily always be lower. The item could have been sold and a new bid started, which could mean the current price is actually higher than the one you previously slid to reveal.

How long will an item be on sale for?
There is no time limit, items do not expire. A sale ends only when a user decides to buy the available item. Until that point, the item is always available for sale. Even if it is sold, if we have others in stock it will still show up but at the original starting retail price. We never reveal how many items we have in stock and there is no way to know if the item you see has been purchased and replaced with a new one from our stock, starting the sliding cycle again.
What happens when I decide to buy an item?
This is quite straight forward. When you decide to buy an item, click on the ‘buy now’ button. Then all you have to do is fill in your delivery details, if they are not already entered from your dashboard, settle the price agreed upon and the item is yours! Follow your shipped item route until it reaches you.
Where can I check delivery costs of the item?
Check the product details page and find all the information related to delivery by clicking the delivery tab. Inside this tab you may enter the country of destination and check the exact Delivery rates. Please note that all product deliveries will be free until further notice.
How can I browse through all the available sales?
Use the search field to type in anything you are looking for and see if we have it for sale or browse through the available categories filtering system.
What happens when I add a sale to my favourites?
By pressing the heart icon present on the picture of each product, it is automatically added to the My favourites section of your profile and on the front page. This way you can easily see all your favourite items, without having to search for them again.
Are the items I have slid on stored somewhere?
When you slide on a specific item, it is automatically stored in My Dashboard under My Recent Slides of your profile. 
How can I register?
On the Slidr homepage you will find the register option. Click on it and select to register using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profiles, which will automatically fill in your information, creating your own account easier and faster.

If you don’t want to use any of your social media profiles to register, you can use our regular registration process and enter some basic personal data to create your own personal Slidr account.

What happens if I forget my password?
Forgetting your password is not a problem. Clicking the Forgot your password? button below the sign-in box. You will be asked to enter your email associated with your Slidr account. We will then email you with a simple step to follow in order to reset your password.
How is it possible to buy at a lower price than retail prices?
Our price drops are designed in manner that let you decide on the price at which you like to purchase a specific item. We created a consumer dynamic pricing model built by our consumer behavior engineers and a proprietary algorithm that analyses and draws every price drop. This means that Slidr prices are modeled in a way that keeps on going down, as long as people are interested in an item. For additional explanation, check how it works.
How can I add credit in my account?
It is very easy to add credit to your account. You can do this in two different ways. First, you can go to my credits at the top banner of the website. Click on it and choose top up credits. Or you can go to my dashboard and look for your credit balance on the left menu bar or on the main page, and click on the top up credits button.
Do I need to register in order to browse through
No, you do not. You can browse through all our luxury items and aspirational products without registering. However, you will need to register if you decide to Slide and reveal the current Slidr price. However, registering is simple and when you do, you get free slides to get a feel for how Slidr works.
Is it safe to buy from Slidr?
Slidr has one of the finest tech teams working around the clock to make sure the platform meets international security standards. Connectivity around the clock is secured with a 128/256 SSL encryption to keep your transactions safe and sound. Our servers are in the United Kingdom, which implements the highest data protection protocols, and managed by professional hosting specialists. All money transactions are operated by external worldwide partners that you can find on the footer of our platform pages.
Why should I use Slidr instead from another auction or sales website?
First of all, Slidr guarantees that you always purchase items cheaper than retail price. Furthermore, we have an extensive list of handpicked luxury products and aspirational experiences that cover every taste. Many of our luxury items are not available on other sales websites, due to their prestigious nature. However, because we are not a sale platform but a crowd discounting model, luxury brands are happy to partner with us. Most importantly, unlike auction websites where you bid but are not guaranteed to get the product, with Slidr the minute you slide the item can be yours.
Who is the Slidr community?
Slidrs are each and every one of you looking for smart sales on luxury items and aspirational experiences, looking to buy at the price that suits you and that is always better than the current retail price.
Can I get a refund on my credits?
Absolutely. Unused paid credits can be refunded upon request. However, we cannot refund used credits so please make sure you are clear on that point before you start sliding.
I’ve noticed a payment taken from my account that I was not expecting. How come?
This could be from your credit auto top-up. Are you using our auto top-ups feature? Click here to check if you are unsure and change your settings.
I’m having trouble logging in. What should I do?
If you are having trouble logging in, try using Google Chrome version 45 or higher or Mozilla Firefox version 40 or higher. If it still is not working try clearing your cache, your browser history and enabling your pop-ups / cookies. If you still cannot log in, get in touch with our IT team here.
How do I close my Slidr account?
We hate to see you leave but if you must and decide to close your account, go to your profile settings and select close my account. If you change your mind, we are happy to have you back at any time.
What is buyer protection?
Buyer protection is the security process we use to protect our customers’ data from any third party fraudulent activity based on the ICO regulation. 

Slidr is a registered member of ICO and we keep our users’ data highly secure. We never share your information with any third party. 

Fraudulent activity is not always apparent when an account is created and sometimes not until an order is placed. In such a case, the account will be placed on temporary hold. We do this so as to check that you are a genuine Slidr, you only have one Slidr account and that the payment details you have on file are actually yours.

If this happens to your account, in order to release this hold, we will ask you to provide specific proof of identity and any other documentation deemed necessary to confirm that you are in fact you.

How can I unsubscribe from the weekly newsletters?
On the email “newsletter” you will find the unsubscribe option. Click on it and you will be redirected to your settings page where you can turn off the “weekly newsletter” notification.